Best Camping Spots in the UK



Since the early fifties, caravaning and camping have grown in popularity in the UK. Hitting the road and being able to see beautiful coast lines and rolling hills as soon as you wake up and step outside, is one of the most joyous of feelings. Camping can be inexpensive and all inclusive. The UK has some of most breathtaking countryside and scenery and should be visited as much as possible.

In the South West of England, it can not be denied, there is some of the most beautiful scenery in the whole of the country. With the climate generally being slightly warmer in the summer time than the Midlands and North or the country, it is clear why so many people choose the South West for their holidays. And there are several places to visit and explore and enjoy.

Woolacombe Bay in Devon. This area of stunning natural beauty has long been a favourite for holiday makers; especially camping fanatics and caravaners. The stretch of coastline is almost tropical in the summer, with pale sands and rolling dunes; the sea is cool but clean and great for surfing and swimming and other water sports. Though the beach will get busy at the height of summer, it is generally favoured by surfers in the earlier months of the year and the later months due to the height of the waves. There are several areas to camp here, one in particular is the Europa Camp Site. It caters for families as well as groups and parties and 18-30’s! There is a small shop close by and the main town is a fifteen minute walk away along a lovely scenic road. At Europa, you will find places to pitch your tent or park your van, with electricity hook ups and on site showers and toilet facilities. There are also chalets for rent which are quaint and welcoming. There is a bar on site and this is a friendly place catering for anyone. At Europa, the prices reflect the services and the services are brilliant.Exmoor1

One of the great things about camping is that you can literally drop sticks, pitch up and settle in for the night almost anywhere! You don’t need a campsite or a hook up point if you are simply out hiking for a nice spot to lay down and look up at the stars. In the South West of England, there are lots of hidden and little known places to do this.

Alcombe, near Minehead in Somerset is one of these places. It is a small village on the outskirts of the main town of Minehead. Known to the locals as Alcombe Combe, this gateway to the Exmoor National Park serves as a perfect place for camping. There is a Youth Hostel should you care for a more luxurious experience, but walking up into the hills and finding an untouched spot far away from other people and places is perfection! Up on North Hill in Minehead, there are several places also to choose from. Walking up from St Michaels Church towards Hill Road and Selworthy, you will find a couple of camp sites to choose from, with pitches for tents and caravans and buses. These simple but beautiful sites give you the opportunity to explore sprawling countryside with breathtaking views of the Bristol Channel and panoramic views of the entire are.

The thing about camping is, it is perfect no matter where you are. A simple holiday, with the chance to explore and wake up to a different view every morning. It is invigorating and humbling and hard to beat as far as relaxation and adventure are concerned!


Retirement party ideas

party idea


Setting up a retirement party can be a fun but challenging task and there are many things to consider when you choose to do so. As well as choosing the theme and the various elements, you will also need to invite the guests and make sure that they know when the date of the party is. You will need to consider what co workers to invite and will also need to decide as to whether there can be children there as well. Once you have this organised you can then begin thinking about the theme of the party, as well as the date of the party. Will the party take place at the weekend, or will it be on a week night. This could determine how easy it is for people to turn up.

Poems can be a great theme for a retirement party and guests can be asked to write out their best poems for the retired person. These could be funny poems or they could be serious poems and there may also be music and food that is combined with the poems. The theme could also be based on the nobel things that the retired individual has done through out their life and this can be the focus of the night. This will bring a lot of joy to the retired person.

The organiser may also want to find out what the retired individual is fond of and use this as the theme. This could be a favourite film that the party is based around. Or it could involve the music that is enjoyed by the retired individual. Do some research and find out the details of the retired person interests before basing a party around this.

A camping party is a fun and interesting choice for a retirement party and many individuals choose to do this, as it can bring people closer together. You may wish to use a barbecue to cook food on, and may want to tell stories around a camp fire. You can also bring instruments such as that of a guitar, and can play these effectively with others on the night.